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Cape Verde

Humanity & Inclusion in Cape Verde 

Humanity & Inclusion began working in Cape Verde in 1996 with a focus on physical rehabilitation. Our mission has evolved to include other areas of intervention. Today, the organization also works to promote the rights of people with disabilities, particularly the right to access healthcare services. 

Our Current Work

In Cape Verde, Humanity & Inclusion’s mission is carried out by three staff members who work diligently to: 

  • Enhance healthcare services provided to people with disabilities

Health and HIV Prevention

Through regional advocacy, Humanity & Inclusion contributes to work towards the reduction of new HIV infections among people with disabilities by:

  1. Supporting the promotion of human rights 
  2. Addressing the legal barriers
  3. Improving their access to HIV prevention, care and support services

The organization also works to increase the technical and organizational capacity of civil society organizations to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the fight against HIV/AIDS at the national level.

Our Past Work

Since our first intervention in Cape Verde, we have been working to foster a culture of dignity, access, and inclusion for ALL people with disabilities and who are vulnerable. Over time, we have evolved our work to meet the dynamic needs of the communities where we serve.  

Read on to learn more about our past work in Cape Verde and consider investing in our future.

Raising the profile of disabilities in Cape Verde

Humanity & Inclusion started the “Raise the Profile of Disabilities in Cape Verde” project, which aimed to do two things:

  1. Strengthen the dialogue between Organizations for People with Disabilities (OPDs or DPOs) and the government
  2. Facilitate the exchange of information between these actors and develop awareness on disability in the country


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