Making positive changes for children

Humanity & Inclusion recently helped open a new pediatric unit at the Basma Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Irbid, Jordan. The unit was created to offer specialized treatment to children living with neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy.

"Before, we worked with children and adults in the same area and it was difficult for the children to focus on their exercises,” says HI-trained Physical Therapist Esra. “Here in this new child-friendly space, we can play with them. They do their exercises while playing and don't even realize that it's part of their treatment.”

The number of patients has been increasing steadily since the space was set up. The unit is currently supporting more than 80 children with neurological disorders, with about five or six children attending rehabilitation sessions every day.

The teams involve family members in their child's treatment. Parents learn how to perform rehabilitation exercises with their children at home so they can make improvements between sessions. Most of the children are growing stronger, and some have even learned to walk since beginning rehabilitation.

HI is also providing continuing education to the hospital’s occupational and physical therapists to further improve the quality of their care. "I recently took an HI course focusing on special methods for treating children with cerebral palsy, and I now use those methods every day,”  says Esra. In addition, HI set up a small medical library with computers, so staff can perform research related to their patients’ cases.