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Help Ban Landmines

Target: U.S. President, Donald Trump

Humanity & Inclusion needs your help to ensure that President Trump submits the Mine Ban Treaty to the Senate now.

More than 90% of landmine victims are civilians. With landmines impacting communities in more than 80 countries and territories, the danger is very real.

The U.S. has been planning on joining the treaty since its creation in 1997, but President Bush reversed the U.S. policy stance in 2004. The Obama administration finally announced in December 2009 that the U.S. had initiated a comprehensive review of its landmine policy. In 2014, the Obama administration promised that the U.S. would stop producing or purchasing landmines. However, the U.S. has yet to join the treaty.

The Petition

President Trump: Abandon the Bush-era policy. Get back on track and fulfill the promise the U.S. made to the international community 15 years ago. Submit the treaty to the Senate for ratification now! 

50,000 signatures

Will you sign?