Moise playing soccer in Haiti
2010 Haiti earthquake

Moïse: standing tall and playing soccer

8 years following the Haiti earthquake, Humanity & Inclusion and Global Ambassador Neymar Jr. continue to support Haitians like Moïse. 

In the wake of the earthquake which hit Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010, HI immediately launched an emergency response intervention to assist the people affected by the disaster. Four-year-old Moïse injured his left foot when his house was destroyed. To save his life, his leg had to be amputated.

Shortly after the operation, he met with our team and the Healing Hand for Haiti rehabilitation center. The young boy underwent rehabilitation sessions, received an artificial leg, and learned to walk again.

Since 2010, his artificial legs have been changed regularly to keep up with his growth. Today, Moïse is 12-years-old, lives in the town of Mariani (Port-au-Prince) with his parents, and is very close to his little brother Sonel, who is nine-years-old. He is a happy, enthusiastic child who goes to school and loves playing soccer with his friends.