Preparing for natural disasters

Thousands of lives are saved when local officials and community groups come together to discuss how they can best cope with the frequent natural disasters that beset their regions.


In 2012, we helped Nepalese surgeons, nurses and therapists prepare for the country’s frequent earthquakes. Teams trained 360 of these professionals in the treatment and case management of common injuries caused by earthquakes.


Handicap International and Haiti's Directorate of Civil Protection developed together a rapid response capacity for Haitian emergencies. The planning enables teams of local authorities, community groups, and the Directorate of Civil Protection to mobilize within 24 hours to carry out a rapid assessment of areas impacted by a natural disaster.


In 2011, we worked to include everyone in an escape plan for Bangladesh’s flood-prone regions. Teams worked in conjunction with four hurricane shelter management committees to ensure people with disabilities were included in their plans. This involved training various members of the community in disability, disaster preparation and the physical accessibility of hurricane shelters. The project was run with a Bangladeshi partner, Young Power in Social Action, and reached about 500 people with disabilities, their families, hurricane management committees, government organizations and non-government organizations.