Shahoud and his team of heroes

Shahoud and his team of heroes

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We became Humanity & Inclusion on 1/24/2018


It all started during a risk education session run by Handicap International in northern Syria. Our team was visiting a school within a displaced persons camp when the children told them about one of their friends who lost his right hand just a few months ago. “His name is Shahoud,” they shouted.

“I found a bullet and tried to open it,” Shahoud explained to the team when they found him. “No one told me it might explode, even when it wasn’t in a gun. I wanted to see what it contained and try to understand how such a small object could kill so many people. I didn’t know...”

After Shahoud's accident, and because of the war in Syria, he and 15 members of his family left their home and moved into the camp.

Handicap International's risk education team went over the different types of explosive weapons with Shahoud, his family, and children in the surrounding area, carefully explaing how to identify, avoid, and report suspicious objects. Shahoud was so pleased, he asked if he could be a part of Handicap International’s risk-education team!

Along with his friends, he decided to create the “team of heroes:” a group of children working to raise awareness about the risks of these dangerous weapons. Shahoud explained that his story could help other children like him understand the impact of these weapons, and how even a simple bullet could change a person’s life forever.

“I would have liked to have met Handicap International before my accident,” he says.

Today, Shahoud and his friends work hard to make sure no other children go through the same experience. Alongside Handicap International’s risk-education team, Shahoud and his friends make their way thorough the camp’s streets, explaining the risks of explosive weapons to the people they meet.

Together, we all save lives.