Advocating for change

Stop Bombing Civilians

The problem

Imagine a bustling neighborhood filled with children playing, surrounded by markets, schools, hospitals, and factories. Now imagine that same thriving neighborhood, except with bombed-out homes and buildings, scattered across a war zone. It's startling to envision, but it's the reality when wide-area explosives are used in populated areas. The consequences are devastating for civilians who make up 92% of people killed and injured by the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. The survivors have little choice but to flee, exposing them to more danger.

It's not war. It's a crime.

Parties to armed conflict must distinguish between civilians and combatants. According to International Humanitarian Law, combatants shall take all necessary precautions to spare the civilian population. In present-day conflicts, indiscriminate attacks using explosive weapons in populated areas are near-daily occurrences.

Where you step in

Together, let's stay "STOP" bombing civilians! Handicap International is calling on you to help support our campaign to end this unacceptable practice. Let's put pressure on States to join and support a political declaration banning the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.


Sign the petition.

Demand justice right now for families who have seen their neighborhoods turned into war zones.

Raise a hand.

Write "STOP" on your palm and take a selfie like the folks below. Then share it with your followers on social media using #StopBombingCivilians.