Help Syrians

Help the Innocent Victims of the Syria conflict NOW!


Two years into the Syrian conflict, thousands of innocent civilians have been slaughtered, many others have been grievously wounded, and millions more have fled their homes to make-shift camps in Syria and neighboring countries. Still, bombs are falling on homes, cluster munitions are being indiscriminately dropped over neighborhoods, and children are being targeted by snipers.

Syrians need our help!

Survivors might face paralysis, amputations, or with complex, disabling fractures. Nearly all experience severe mental trauma as a result of what they are seeing and experiencing.

We're helping as many of these survivors as possible, but we cannot do it alone.You have the power to extend a helping hand.

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Handicap International has been working with Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon since the summer of 2012 to provide the wounded with the support they need to recover. We are also one of the very few humanitarian organizations operating inside Syria itself.  Whether it’s providing a little boy in a refugee camp in Jordan with a prosthetic after his leg was amputated or teaching a girl in Syria how to walk again after being shot through the spine by a sniper, we’re making sure the conflict’s most vulnerable victims are not forgotten.