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Leave No Woman Behind: Time for inclusive feminism!


Whoever you are, wherever you live, you have the power to take action. Let's unite!

Over the past 50 years, feminism has been making great progress while still facing ferocious pushbacks. The realization of the rights to vote, to work, to drive, to property, to education, to sexual and reproductive health care for all has significantly improved the lives of human beings everywhere.

Feminism has been moving forward – but it has forgotten sisters along the way.

Women are diverse and the movement cannot be the echo of one privileged voice. The intersectionality of our different identities (gender identity, disability, age, country of origin, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, etc.) makes each and every one of us unique. Women with intersecting identities have not been fully included in the feminist movement. Despite being some of the most discriminated against and the ones to know first-hand what intersectional feminism can be, their voices still remain unheard.






It's time for inclusive feminism! Help us spread the word!

Ensure women in their diversity are #NoLongerIgnored in the feminist agenda.

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#DisabledWomenEngage for an intersectional feminism. What about you? Connect with us and let’s work together to unite our voices!

Globally, one in five women live with a disability, compared to one in eight men. And women comprise three quarters of persons with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries. Globally, gender non-conforming individuals are taking action for their rights. Gender diversity is on the agenda. Indigenous women engage to tackle the violence they face in many countries. Examples are numerous.

Are you a feminist ready to engage with women and girls with disabilities? Are you a man willing to support women in their diversity? Does your organization want to reach out to parliamentarians/policy-makers in your country to encourage them to do more for intersectional feminism? Are you a girl, a woman looking for peers to act with and have your voice heard?


I want to act!


Are you joining CSW64? Let’s meet there and make sure we #LeaveNoWomanBehind. #DisabledAbledDiverseAndUnited


Let's meet at CSW64!


In Africa, the gender legal framework does not sufficiently include women and girls with diverse identities. The new Africa Union Protocol on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is ground-breaking: it offers a unique intersectional approach; it is a localized and progressive tool to uphold our rights. Join us and demand State leaders to ratify the Protocol! Read more and discover our Advocacy Tools here.


I demand the ratification
of the AU Protocol


This Call To Action is launched by the Humanity & Inclusion/Making It Work Gender and Disability project and endorsed by the Disability Rights Fund and the Disability Rights Advocacy Fund. Contact S. Pecourt on [email protected].