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People with injuries and disabilities need your support

Prosthetic leg

For £120 you can provide an injured child with long-term rehabilitation care.

£75 could give a disabled child a wheelchair, enabling them to move around independently.

With just £30 you can fit a child amputee with a prosthetic leg, helping them to walk again.


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On Monday, February 6, two massive earthquakes with 7.9 and 7.5 magnitudes hit south-eastern Turkey and north-western Syria.

According to reports, the death toll in Turkey and Syria now stands at more than 51,000 people, with over 126,000 injured. Over 195,000 buildings have collapsed or require demolition in Turkey alone. With many trapped beneath the rubble, we expect that these shocking figures will rise further.

"Tens of thousands of people have been injured. They have lost everything and are traumatized by the terrible earthquake and the series of aftershocks," explains Myriam Abord-Hugon, Humanity & Inclusion's Syria program director.

"People are facing cold, rain and bad weather after losing their homes and belongings. There is an urgent need to provide them with aid."

Emergency search and rescue crews search through the rubble of destroyed buildings in Hatay, Antakya, Turkey, caused by the earthquakes. © Tom Nicholson / HI


Humanity & Inclusion teams in Syria are working tirelessly to provide emergency support in response to urgent needs.

Our priority is to help people with the greatest needs, including people with injuries and disabilities as well as older individuals.

Our activities include:

  • Emergency rehabilitation services. With tens of thousands of people injured, there is a huge need for emergency rehabilitation care to prevent injuries from becoming permanent disabilities. Humanity & Inclusion teams are providing emergency rehabilitation care to hospitalized patients and long-term follow-up for patients with multiple or complex injuries. Our specialists are supporting 16 hospitals and health facilities, and we have mobile units targeting communities who cannot access health services.

    To date, 4,264 persons with injuries received rehabilitation services from HI's teams, through 8,821 rehabilitation sessions. We have also donated 5,165 consumables & medical items to hospitals.
  • Psychological support for people traumatized by the disaster. Individual support sessions are being provided in hospitals and via a mobile team.

    To date, we have provided 4,238 people with psychological first aid, and provided 3,096 additional psychosocial support sessions.

  • Providing prosthetic limbs and mobility aids such as wheelchairs, crutches and walking frames to ensure the needs of people with injuries or disabilities are met.

    To date, 3,932 assistive devices and 124 prosthetic devices have been provided.

  • Risk Reduction. We included earthquake safety messages in our ongoing explosive ordnance risk education sessions to reduce injuries and deaths from aftershocks and rubble collapse.

    To date, 7,041 people have participated in our risk education sessions.
  • Inclusive aid. We work with other organizations in the region to make sure that people with disabilities and older people are at the heart of the response.

Together, we can save lives and prevent serious injuries from becoming long-term disabilities. But we need to act fast.

Can we count on your support?

8-year-old Awatef is receiving physical therapy from HI's teams after she was injured in the earthquake on February 6, 2023. © K.W Dalati / HI

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Chad: HI cares for gunshot victims fleeing Sudan

400,000 people have crossed the border into Chad to escape the fighting in Sudan. Many people with gunshot wounds are in need of medical, surgical and rehabilitation care.

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After mine incident, Abed takes his first step in five years

Abed lost both of his legs in a mine accident in 2018 in Syria. Access to Humanity & Inclusion's rehabilitation services has changed his life.

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HI cleans up sulfur used to produce explosive devices

Near Raqqa, Syria, Humanity & Inclusion’s clearance team has cleaned up piles of sulfur, a chemical used to produce explosive devices.

Rubble of destroyed buildings in Hatay, Turkey following the earthquakes on February 6, 2023. © Tom Nicholson / HI


Your gift today could make an immediate and lasting difference to people affected by the earthquakes.

Other ways to donate:

  • By telephone Call our Donor Services team at (301) 891-2138 to donate by credit or debit card.
  • By mail Send a check payable to "Humanity & Inclusion" to: Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal, Humanity & Inclusion, 8757 Georgia Avenue Suite 420, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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