People bundled up in coats and blankets line up at the Poland border

Ukraine Updates: One Year of Conflict

Humanity & Inclusion's emergency response is underway in Ukraine and Moldova. Our teams include experts in rehabilitation, logistics, mental health and psychosocial support, basic needs, and the inclusion of persons with disabilities and older people. 

In addition to providing specialized rehabilitation services, psychosocial support and cash distribution, among other initiatives, Humanity & Inclusion is distributing assistive mobility devices such as wheelchairs, canes and walkers. A mobile mental health team is visiting centers housing displaced people. Humanity & Inclusion is working alongside fellow actors responding to the emergency to help implement inclusive humanitarian aid and ensure that populations experiencing the most vulnerability can access vital resources.

In Lviv, our rehabilitation specialists are caring for burn victims and patients requiring amputations, as well as training physical therapists to treat conflict-related injuries. In eastern Ukraine, where the needs are greatest, our teams are distributing mobility devices and hygiene supplies.

Press statements are available here. For media inquiries, please contact Mica Bevington at [email protected].

As Humanity & Inclusion's crisis response evolves and expands, we'll share key updates here:

March 01

After their house was bombed, Tamara and her adult son Mykhailo abandoned it. With temporary shelter in Dnipro and Humanity & Inclusion’s services, they’ve received the help they need.

February 28

After a mine exploded near their home and they ran out of firewood, Bakanov Serhiy Mykhailovych and Bakanova Natalia Volodymyrivna are now living temporarily at a shelter run by Humanity & Inclusion's partners in Ukraine. They are receiving mental health and rehabilitation care. This is their story.

February 27

Tamara Yehorova, 89, is internally displaced after a missile struck her apartment building in Ukraine. Humanity & Inclusion's psychologists have helped Tamara overcome her distress. This is her story.

February 24

Lilia Tkachuk is Humanity & Inclusion's health project supervisor in Ukraine. She reflects on the toll that one year of conflict has had on her family and her fellow Ukrainians.

February 23

Humanity & Inclusion has 238 team members on the ground in Ukraine and Moldova, providing inclusive humanitarian aid ranging from rehabilitation care and mental health support to risk education and logistics services.

February 22

Survivors of conflict and disaster are at a higher risk for psychological distress. Working alongside local partners in Ukraine, Humanity & Inclusion strengthens mental health and psychosocial support services and provides direct aid to affected communities.

February 21

Mykola Havrylets is Humanity & Inclusion's explosive ordnance risk education supervisor in Ukraine. He reflects on the losses he's experienced after one year of conflict and the work he's doing to protect his fellow Ukrainians.

February 14

Humanity & Inclusion provides risk education and conflict preparedness and protection sessions to communities at risk of explosive ordnance in Ukraine.

February 10

Humanity & Inclusion provides logistics solutions in support of local and international organizations to deliver essential goods to people across Ukraine.