People bundled up in coats and blankets line up at the Poland border

Ukraine Crisis Updates

Some people displaced by the war in Ukraine are beginning to return home to cities contaminated by explosive ordnance. Humanity & Inclusion will prepare communities to identify hazards and adopt safe behaviors.

May 20

Humanity & Inclusion is working with communities in Ukraine to help them adopt conflict preparedness behaviors before, during and after armed attacks.

May 18

With rising mental health and psychosocial support needs in Ukraine, a volunteer hotline, supported by Humanity & Inclusion, allows affected populations to access services any time, from anywhere.

May 12

Vladimir survived an explosion in Ukraine, but suffered severe burns. Humanity & Inclusion is supporting his recovery with rehabilitation exercises and care to facilitate proper healing.

May 06

As the conflict continues, Humanity & Inclusion's rehabilitation specialists are working in Ukrainian hospitals to support patients with burn injuries and limb amputations.

April 20

Refuges in eastern Ukraine are providing shelter to people displaced by the conflict. Humanity & Inclusion’s support is vital to address the critical needs residents and caretakers.

April 19

After Denys Byzov and his family were forced to flee their home in Kyiv amid violent rocket attacks and bombing, he said goodbye to his wife and 1-year-old baby as they crossed the border while he stayed behind.

He joined Humanity & Inclusion’s emergency response team as a cultural mediator and translator to ensure that needs of his fellow Ukrainians are heard, and that the organization’s actions take everyone into account.

April 18

Denys Byzov, a Kyiv resident and Humanity & Inclusion’s cultural mediator in Ukraine, shares his experience evacuating his family in armed conflict.

April 15

At a hospital in Lviv, Humanity & Inclusion is working with staff to care for patients, including burn victims and those requiring amputations after armed attacks.

April 14

Collective centers housing internally displaced people in Ukraine are in need of bedding, food and other basic supplies.

Caglar Tahiroglu, Humanity & Inclusion’s Emergency Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Manager, shares how teams are supporting displaced Ukrainians.