People bundled up in coats and blankets line up at the Poland border

Ukraine Crisis Updates

Caglar Tahiroglu, Humanity & Inclusion’s Emergency Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Manager, explains the needs and resilience teams are seeing in Ukraine.

April 06

Humanity & Inclusion’s specialists are supporting conflict survivors by providing specialized care for burn victims and people requiring amputations in western Ukraine following evacuations from besieged cities like Kyiv, Kharkiv and Mariupol. In Lviv, teams are working with hospitals to reinforce care for people injured by explosive weapons in the ongoing war.

March 31

As part of its support to Ukrainian hospitals, Humanity & Inclusion is providing specialized physical therapy training for health professionals treating burns patients, which requires special knowledge and skills.

March 30

Jérémie Zahorski, who coordinates Humanity & Inclusion’s programs in Chernivtsi, describes the deteriorating situation in western Ukraine.

March 23

Humanity & Inclusion has begun providing support to institutions in Chernivtsi, a city in the west of Ukraine, including a care facility where people with disabilities and older people are sheltering after fighting and bombings forced them from their homes

March 17

After three weeks of intense armed conflict in Ukraine, the most affected populations remain isolated from humanitarian aid.

March 15

Benjamin provides a video update from Dnipro, where our specialists are at hospitals treating injured people arriving from cities experiencing heavy bombing.

March 14

After weeks of violent conflict in Ukraine, a growing scarcity of essential goods puts more lives at risk.

March 10

More than 2 million people have fled Ukraine in the past two weeks. Photographer Tom Nicholson captured photos and stories of refugees crossing the border in Medyka, Poland.

March 09

As Humanity & Inclusion continues its assessment of humanitarian needs in Ukraine, refugees in neighboring countries are living in harsh conditions with little access to information.