People bundled up in coats and blankets line up at the Poland border

Ukraine Updates: One Year of Conflict

Humanity & Inclusion logistics experts in Ukraine support Save the Children to deliver essential humanitarian goods to the bombarded city of Bakhmut.

In eastern Ukraine, accessing areas close to the front line of conflict is a key issue for humanitarian actors bringing aid for populations unable to flee the war.

With the support of the European Union and the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Humanity & Inclusion transports essential goods and supplies from the city of Dnipro to cities and towns located at the heart of the conflict, within 12 miles of the front line. The organization’s team of highly experienced project managers, logisticians, security experts and drivers offer safe, innovative and ethical logistics solutions to more than 20 partner organizations. The logistics platform operates within the framework of a global partnership with the organizations Bioport and RLH Coop.

July 18

Among the millions displaced by violent warfare in Ukraine, aging individuals face particular vulnerabilities. Humanity & Inclusion provides one-on-one and group services to help cope with distress.

June 15

Gaëlle Smith, emergency rehabilitation specialist for Humanity & Inclusion, explains the severity of blast injuries in eastern Ukraine and the importance of early rehabilitation for recovery. 

June 08

In February, Anna Bekh went home to visit family in Ukraine. When conflict broke out two days later, she joined Humanity & Inclusion’s emergency response in her hometown.

May 27

In Ukraine, Humanity & Inclusion's teams and Atlas Logistics experts are partnering with local organizations and volunteer networks to deliver humanitarian goods in active war zones.

May 25

Rostyk, a physical therapy assistant with Humanity & Inclusion, is working to improve rehabilitation care in Ukraine.

May 23

Some people displaced by the war in Ukraine are beginning to return home to cities contaminated by explosive ordnance. Humanity & Inclusion will prepare communities to identify hazards and adopt safe behaviors.

May 20

Humanity & Inclusion is working with communities in Ukraine to help them adopt conflict preparedness behaviors before, during and after armed attacks.

May 18

With rising mental health and psychosocial support needs in Ukraine, a volunteer hotline, supported by Humanity & Inclusion, allows affected populations to access services any time, from anywhere.

May 12

Vladimir survived an explosion in Ukraine, but suffered severe burns. Humanity & Inclusion is supporting his recovery with rehabilitation exercises and care to facilitate proper healing.