People bundled up in coats and blankets line up at the Poland border

Ukraine Crisis Updates

Humanity & Inclusion's emergency specialist team is present in Ukraine, continuing to assess needs there and in neighboring countries.

March 04

Update from Romania: Humanity & Inclusion's emergency experts provide an update on the needs they are seeing as displaced Ukrainians flee their country.

March 02

Since Feb. 24, cities across Ukraine have been the target of devastating weapons strikes. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing their homes.

February 28

Main cities like Kharkiv and the capital, Kyiv, have been subjected to heavy bombing.

February 25

(Geneva) – The International Campaign to Ban Landmines and Cluster Munition Coalition (ICBL-CMC), of which Humanity & Inclusion is a founding member, strongly condemns the alleged use of cluster munitions yesterday by Russian forces in the Ukraine conflict, and the death and injury of civilians, as reported by The New York Times and other sources. ICBL-CMC is alarmed by the threat of further harm to civilians including humanitarian mine action partners, following yesterday’s largescale escalation by Russia.

February 24

INEW Statement
The military invasion of Ukraine, including use of heavy explosive weapons in and around major cities and other populated areas, raises grave concerns over the protection of the civilian population.