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Humanity & Inclusion donors make it possible for nearly 3,300 staff worldwide to stamp out exclusion, provide specific and general aid during emergencies, protect civilians from explosive weapons, and much more. Thanks to individual supporters just like you, people with disabilities and vulnerable groups are able to live in dignity in 62 countries impacted by poverty and exclusion, conflict, and disaster.

For more than 38 years, Humanity & Inclusion has been developing programs in health and rehabilitation and social and economic integration. We continue to work with local authorities to clear landmines and other war debris and to prevent mine-related accidents through education. We respond fast and effectively to natural and civil disasters in order to limit serious and permanent injuries and to assist survivors' recovery and reintegration. We advocate for the universal recognition of the rights of people with disabilities through national planning and advocacy.

We act and campaign in places where "standing tall" is no easy task. 

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When you support Humanity & Inclusion, you help: 

  • Ensure that people with disabilities and vulnerable individuals are included during an emergency;
  • Victims of conflict recover from their injuries both physically and mentally;
  • Clear landmines and other explosive remnants of war so that families can live without fear, in safety;
  • Educate and empower children with disabilities who were once kept at home because of their disability.


Graphic that includes a photo and quote. On the left is a photo of Fatehia who sits on bench next to a physical therapist with Humanity & Inclusion during her physical therapy session. On the right side of the graphic, is Fatehia's quote "Many thanks to Humanity & Inclusion. Their team has helped me make my life better and to communicate with others again. They helped me become strong again!"

Humanity & Inclusion's Critical Actions


We train rehabilitation specialists, prosthetic and orthotic technicians and staff managing rehabilitation centers. We develop center-based and community-based rehabilitation services, and support the development of rehabilitation sector within national health and social systems.

Emergency response

Our teams provide emergency support to Syrian refugees, aid to the victims of Cyclone Idai, and restore infrastructure following Typhoon Mangkhut.

Protecting civilians from explosive weapons

Explosive remnants of war, including landmines and cluster munitions, contaminate more than half of the world's countries. Sign our petition to stop bombing civilians.

Prevention and health

Good health is a human right, and access to health care is an essential step toward social inclusion. Whether through the prevention of disabling diseases, creating local health services or providing psychological support, all our actions serve one purpose: to ensure that every man, woman and child has the chance to stay healthy.

Inclusion and rights

Although all children have the right to an education, 32 million children with disabilities are not enrolled in school. Humanity & Inclusion has launched a #school4all campaign to ensure schools are accessible to everyone.

Get to know Humanity & Inclusion. Watch our Be a Lifeline film to see what we're all about. 

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