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Press releases, reports, and information for journalists interested in covering Humanity & Inclusion's work and the stories of people we support.

Humanity & Inclusion is often among the first to respond to natural disasters and crises, and we stay behind to ensure that people get the long-term support they need. We have around 3,500 local staff supporting people with disabilities worldwide in countries affected by conflict, disaster and poverty.

HI staff regularly offer their insight to the media. We have a wide range of expert spokespeople available for interviews with U.S. and international journalists. Our press team can facilitate access to HI staff and projects and provide a wide range of high-quality reports, case studies, photos and videos.


Statement | Urgent Appeal for Restraint and Adherence to International Humanitarian Law in the Conflict between Hamas and the government of Israel

The recent attacks by Hamas and retaliation by Israel have caused devastating impact on civilians. Humanity & Inclusion expresses its deepest concern for the safety of civilians on both sides, directly targeted or caught in the crossfire. 

HI-US Media Contact

Mica Bevington
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (240) 450-3531
Mobile: +1 (202) 290-9264


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