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Why monthly giving makes your dollars go further

A young Nepali girl sits in a specially adapted chair. Her grandmother, wearing a pink floral dress, sits on a stool beside her. They are both smiling.

Priti, who has cerebral palsy, receives rehabilitation support from Humanity & Inclusion and our local partners in Nepal. Here, with her grandmother. | © A. Thapa / HI

Did you know monthly giving can be a better option for you and the people we serve? Here are just 5 reasons why you should consider becoming a First Responder with Humanity & Inclusion.


1. Control your giving

When you start a regular gift, you’ll choose the amount you wish to give each month — and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your dollars are being put to work where they are needed most. Whatever amount you choose to give means more people will receive the care and rehabilitation they need and deserve, so they can be safer, feel better, and accomplish more in life. 

We understand that financial situations can change. So, if you ever decide to increase or decrease your regular donation amount, you can easily do so via our Donor Portal or by contacting us at [email protected]. You can also cancel or pause your plan at any time.

2. Join a compassionate giving community

As a monthly donor, you'll be a Humanity & Inclusion First Responder. Each morning, you'll wake up knowing that your generosity is making a difference for someone somewhere.

You’ll receive exclusive email updates on the impact you’re making: From children with disabilities attending school for the first time, to people injured by explosive weapons taking their first steps with an artificial limb, to families displaced by natural disasters rebuilding their lives. And twice a year, The Next Step newsletter will be delivered right to your door.

3. Ensure no one is left behind

For more than 40 years, Humanity & Inclusion has worked alongside people with disabilities, aging individuals, women and girls, landmine survivors and individuals living in situations of extreme hardship. Our teams respond to their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. Your monthly gift provides holistic support from our experts in inclusive education, livelihoods, health, governance, and disaster risk reduction.

With Humanity & Inclusion, you'll know that each dollar you give funds inclusive aid. People with disabilities will access quality education, jobs and health care; participate in political matters and influence policy; break down barriers and fight discrimination in their communities. Your consistent giving will help our teams plan ahead, bolster existing programs, innovate new solutions and, ultimately, reach even more people.

4. Launch emergency responses

We act fast when natural and civil disasters strike. With teams on the ground in 60 countries, Humanity & Inclusion is positioned to provide aid in the immediate aftermath of earthquakes, typhoons and other climate disasters. And in active war zones, our experts transport humanitarian supplies and render medical aid to injured and displaced civilians. With your regular contributions, we can act even faster in these times of immense need.

5. Be there after crises disappear from headlines

When floodwaters recede and peace treaties are signed, communities are left to rebuild. Our teams remain by their sides on the path to recovery and healing. Your gifts will help students return to school, people with disabilities start their own businesses, farmers cultivate land cleared of explosive weapons, and injured civilians regain independence with rehabilitation and mental health care.

We often receive a swell of one-time gifts in the wake of emergencies, but those dollars are quickly spent to meet the immediate needs of the communities we serve. And while we are extremely grateful for those contributions, they only go so far. Giving monthly is the surest way to provide sustainable, long-term support to the people who need it most.


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