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Global inclusive health

Access to health care is an essential step toward social inclusion. Whether through the prevention of disabling diseases, creating local health services or providing psychological support, all our actions serve one purpose: To ensure that every person has the chance to stay healthy.

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Protecting the right to health care

Humanity & Inclusion's health projects establish and reinforce access to high-quality health care for people with the greatest needs.

This is achieved by setting up community health services and local pharmacies, improving how patients are received and the follow–up care they receive, training health workers, and providing technical, methodological and financial support.

Sexual and reproductive health

Humanity & Inclusion promotes Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of people with disabilities, women and girls, and other populations.

Humanity & Inclusion’s interventions are built on five major pillars:

  1. Prevent morbidity and mortality, sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies
  2. Inform about good practices and available services
  3. Provide local, affordable, accessible and community-based SRH services
  4. Transform exisitng health systems into more disability inclusive and barrier-free services
  5. Integrate SRH services into a continuum of servces from prevention to rehabilitation

Teams also train and support the staff of health centers, including maternity hospitals. Improving the monitoring of pregnant people and their babies before, during and after childbirth, reduces the risk of diseases at birth and reduces child mortality.

Preventing disabling diseases

Disabling diseases are the scourges of many developing countries. Diseases like HIV/AIDS, lymphatic filariasis, epilepsy, poliomyelitis, diabetes and leprosy can leave people with severe disabilities and often socially excluded. However, with health precautions, information, vaccination and screening campaigns, populations can be protected from these diseases and early detection can reduce or delay the onset of the most serious consequences.

Once disabling diseases are better understood they are also better treated and better accepted by a patient's family and friends. This is the reason why we work in close collaboration with local organizations, institutions and health workers to carry out vaccination and awareness-raising campaigns, set up information and screening centers and provide training for trainers.

Psychological support

Humanity & Inclusion offers support to a range of people living with psychological issues, including survivors of war and conflict, refugees, child soldiers and children with autism or learning differences.

In every situation, our teams work in close collaboration with the individual, their family and local health workers to ensure that each individual receives appropriate treatment.

"Through our eyes" is a film made with and by children from Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya in 2014, as part of a child participation activity within the “Ubuntu Care" project. The project confronts sexual violence against children with disabilities in Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya.

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Expanding inclusive sexual, reproductive health care
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Expanding inclusive sexual, reproductive health care

Zekia Musa Ahmed shares insight into her role as the WISH-HI Project Inclusion Assistant in South Sudan.

Massalouka’s smile is a victory over malnutrition
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Massalouka’s smile is a victory over malnutrition

As a consequence of malnutrition, Massalouka, aged two and half, could not sit up on her own because of muscle weakness. Today, thanks to HI's rehabilitation services in Niger, she is making amazing progress.

“As someone with a disability myself, I want to help people in similar situations.”
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“As someone with a disability myself, I want to help people in similar situations.”

A valuable member of Humanity & Inclusion’s team in Tuléar Madagascar, Deriaz ensures that rehabilitation beneficiaries get the support they need.


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