Life is full of firsts

Help ensure no one misses out on theirs

Humanity & Inclusion has been helping children and adults with disabilities, as well as victims of conflict, day in and day out, for almost 40 years.

With your support, thousands of people can set out on their paths toward an independent future. Help them enjoy life’s major milestones: their first steps, their first day at school, their first job.

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Standing Tall

Imagine the joy of a child who stands up on their own for the first time!

$55 can provide a pair of crutches to a child in need.

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Taking Strong Steps

Imagine the confidence a child feels when they take their first, unassisted steps!

$120 can create two, custom-fit artificial limbs for children.

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Attending schools

Imagine the wonder of a child entering a classroom for the first time!

$150 can make a school more accessible for students with disabilities.

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