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Humanity & Inclusion in Algeria 

In 1998, Humanity & Inclusion launched its first operations in Algeria working in aid of vulnerable populations. 

Algeria has made major social advances, particularly in the field of social protection. However, people with disabilities are not included enough in society. Disability laws are relatively advanced but more effort is needed to fully implement them in the field.

Humanity & Inclusion aims to promote the social inclusion of the most vulnerable people and to improve their living conditions by advancing their rights and ensuring their needs are taken into account.

Our Current Work

Humanity & Inclusion’s team in Algeria consists of 25 staff members who work attentively to:

Socio-Economic and Political inclusion

Humanity & Inclusion facilitates dialogue between public authorities and non-profits to enable inclusive public policies aimed at advancing the rights of people with disabilities to be developed, implemented, and monitored. 

Inclusive Education

To ensure that all children have access to education, Humanity & Inclusion works with children with disabilities in Algeria to improve the care they receive, both in specialized institutions and within the mainstream school system. 

The organization also gives awareness raising sessions on the universal right to education to parents, the media, and education stakeholders and trains teacher in inclusive teaching and learning techniques.

Services for People with Neuromuscular Diseases

Humanity & Inclusion facilitates the collaboration of health professionals and people from Algerian organizations on the case-management of people with neuromuscular diseases to:

  1. Build capacity for members of the network of Algerian Muscular Dystrophy Organizations (RAAM)
  2. Train healthcare professionals
  3. Provide home-based psychological support for people with muscular dystrophy and their families

Child Mental Health

Humanity & Inclusion works to improve the provision of services at the ANIS Center Psycho-Pedagogical Center in Boumerdès by training the teaching and administrative staff in innovative techniques for therapeutic workshops. 

Our Past Work

Humanity & Inclusion has been in Algeria since 1998, fostering a culture of dignity, access, and inclusion for ALL people with disabilities. Over time, we have evolved our work to meet the dynamic needs of communities where we serve.

Read on to learn more about our past work in Algeria, and consider investing in our future.

Mine Victim Assistance

Humanity & Inclusion improved the quality and sustainability of landmine victim assistance services, mainly rehabilitation services by making it easier for civil society to take part in the decision-making processes related to victim assistance at national, regional and international levels.

Political Participation of People with Disabilities

Humanity & Inclusion and its partners worked with public authorities and service providers to improve existing legislation, public policies, and data collection and identified ways of removing barriers that inhibit people with disabilities from being fully included within society.

Social Inclusion for Children

Humanity & Inclusion built the capacities of service providers and promoted exchanges between professionals in order to maximize the quality of social support to children with disabilities throughout Algeria.


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