Indonesian men search for a family member at their damaged house in the Balaroa village in Palu on October the 1st 2018 after an earthquake and tsunami hit the area on September 28th
Indonesia Emergency

Assisting tsunami victims

On September 28, a tsunami struck the center of the Indonesian archipelago, killing more than 840 people, injuring thousands, and displacing nearly 50,000 others. Humanity & Inclusion is mobilizing its team to identify the needs of victims and with support from local partners, we will conduct an assessment in the Sulawesi region.

More than 800 people have died and thousands need emergency assistance following an earthquake of 7.5 magnitude and a tsunami nearly 20 feet high, which struck the Sulawesi region. "More than 15,000 people have been displaced in the city of Palu alone,” warns Florence Daunis, Director of Operations at HI. They need immediate help.”

HI’s Indonesian partners will travel to the area in order to assess the needs of affected people. "For the time being, electricity is still down in Dongala city and there is no running water. In addition to our initial response to meet the essential needs of displaced people, we expect to come across large numbers of injured people in need of urgent medical care and rehabilitation.

"HI's emergency teams are ready to be deployed in support of our partners in order to more accurately assess the rehabilitation needs of victims. It will also be important to offer psychosocial support. Psychosocial trauma is common in these types of disasters,” she adds.

Humanity & Inclusion’s work in Indonesia

HI has worked in the country since 2005, regularly providing support to victims of natural disastersOur team organizes disaster prevention workshops and workshops to improve community resilience. Learn more about our work in Indonesia.