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Central African Republic

Central African Republic

Humanity & Inclusion in Central African Republic

Humanity & Inclusion has worked in the Central African Republic since 1994, and since 2016, the organization has worked to ensure that the most vulnerable people receive the life-saving, life-enabling aid they need after three years of acute crisis.

Since gaining its independence in 1958, the country has experienced chronic instability as a result of regular military coups and the repeated failure to transition to a democratic system.

The Central African Republic also has structural underdevelopment and is among the poorest countries in the world, ranked last among the 188 countries assessed in the 2016 UNDP report.

Our Current Work

In addition to addressing the needs that have emerged as a result of regular military coups, Humanity & Inclusion’s team of 100 national and 12 international staff members in CAR work attentively to:

Logistics services

Humanity & Inclusion works to improve the logistics performance of humanitarian actors by:

  1. Repairing airstrips 
  2. Hiring truck drivers
  3. Establishing transport hubs to enable the delivery of essential aid particularly in isolated regions of the country

Humanity & Inclusion currently supplies major towns in more than a dozen provinces by managing a fleet of trucks and working with partner organizations.

Rehabilitation services 

Humanity & Inclusion launched a program, in partnership with MSF, to provide rehabilitation services to strengthen the capacity and care of the many injured by the violence in and around the city.

Our Past Work

Since 1994, Humanity & Inclusion has been working regularly in the CAR to develop rehabilitation activities and promote an inclusive culture. Our work has evolved to meet the dynamic needs of the communities where we serve.

Read on to learn more about our past work in the CAR, and consider investing in our future.

Rehabilitation Activities 

Humanity & Inclusion supported the opening of the Bangui rehabilitation center (ANRAC), and worked on the implementation of a 2-year university course for the training of physiotherapist assistants, the only course of this type available in CAR.

The organization helped to set up an inclusive technical unit in Bangui with national coverage.


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