30,000 sq. meters cleared of landmines

Since last November, Humanity & Inclusion’s mine action team has cleared more than 30,000 square meters of land—the equivalent of four football fields—in northern Chad. The team has identified and destroyed 114 landmines and other explosive remnants of war.

"We’re clearing land to promote development in northern Chad,” said Benjamin Westercamp, HI's head of mission in Chad. “Many areas are still contaminated by weapons left over from the conflict with Libya in the 1980s. This prevents the use of roads and the implementation of development projects. Our clearance work will help the region emerge from isolation.”

The objective is to release 1.5 million sq. meters of land—the equivalent of more than 200 football fields—that are contaminated by mines and explosive remnants of war, a legacy of successive conflicts since the 1970s.

To help protect civilians, Humanity & Inclusive is educating local people about the risks posed unexploded ordnance around their communities. So far, they have reached 450 people.