Corporate Gift Acceptance Policy

Humanity & Inclusion has built an excellent reputation as a transparent, ethical, and efficient organization since our founding in 1982. Our goal is to work with companies that have a sense of corporate social responsibility and make a positive contribution to our society. In order to create meaningful, mission-oriented partnerships, we make a case-by case decision on whether to accept funding.  These decisions are guided by a number of ethical indicators that influence our reflection and ensure adherence to our founding purpose and principles.

Given our mission, scope of activity, and the principles to which we adhere, certain sectors are considered to be globally incompatible with our ethics. HI has therefore determined we will not accept funding from companies or foundations working in the following exclusionary sectors:

  • Arms production or trade (mines, clusters, conventional weapons, weapon components)
  • Investment in the production of landmines or cluster munitions
  • Alcohol production or trade
  • Tobacco production or trade