Vulnerable-individuals-in-Rwanda-receive-food-and-flour-from-Humanity- -Inclusion's-team-during-the-COVID-19-crisis

Fighting Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed the lives of more than 4.1 million people and infected more than 192 million people globally, with numbers still rising. In the United States alone, there are more than 34.2 million cases cases as of July 23, and more than 610,000 people have died.

Humanity & Inclusion's field teams have launched their most expansive emergency response in 39 years. Our goal: ensure the people we assist every day—people with disabilities or chronic health conditions, people with injuries, refugees, and especially aging adults—have the support they need to be protected from the virus.

We know that fair, universal and equitable access to vaccines is essential in stopping the spread of this deadly virus.

Protecting the most vulnerable

As Covid-19 continues to take aim at our planet's most vulnerable neighbors, Humanity & Inclusion donors are ensuring that people with disabilities, people with injuries from conflict, children, women, and especially older people have the information—and even the soap products—to stay healthy.

Donor support has helped launch or adjust more than 170 projects to help more than 2.2 million people we serve and staff keep the virus at bay. These projects also help people during their countries' lock downs. An example of projects include awareness and prevention actions in Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Colombia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Libya, Madagascar, Mali, Sierra Leone, and other countries.

Download Humanity & Inclusion's policy paper which includes a summary of our main concerns and recommendations for an inclusive response to Covid-19.

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Hygiene awareness for everyone

Our teams are providing adapted stay-healthy messages to people with disabilities to ensure they have accurate, accessible information. Other messages are specifically targeted at caregivers. All of our messages are conveyed in a way that ensures that target audiences can understand the message.

Please support the communities we serve

Visionary, globally minded donors can help break the spread of Covid-19 abroad. We are so grateful to supporters for stand by the sides of the people we serve as they confront the pandemic.

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Covid-19 interventions, a selection of projects

Humanity & Inclusion teams are mobilized in most of our organization's 59 countries of intervention to help limit the spread and to fight Covid-19.


Our logistics team has made two storage areas available for national and international humanitarian organizations, along with a fleet of trucks to move hygiene kits, food, and medical supplies into position. Read more about our work supporting Rohingya refugees during this challenging time.

We're extremely concerned about refugees living in overcrowded camps. Jean-Loup Gouot, our program director in Bangladesh, explains the risks faced by the most vulnerable, including people with disabilities


Despite a daunting economic crisis caused by restrictive measures to combat the spread of Covid-19 in Cambodia, Humanity & Inclusion continues providing in-person and virtual rehabilitation care. Read more about how our teams continue to support people with rehabilitation needs.

Central African Republic

Humanity & Inclusion's Logistics team in the Central African Republic is storing and transporting medicine and other essential supplies on behalf of other humanitarian communities. Jimmy Müller Baguimala Kobé, a logistics officer for Humanity & Inclusion, offers a glimpse into the challenges facing the team as they deliver life-saving aid during the pandemic and conflict in the region.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

In the DRC, our teams are extremely concerned about the lack of health structure in the country and the challenges that come with protecting individuals living in a dense area. In this video, François Madieye-Yaba Fall, Humanity & Inclusion's Director in Democratic Republic of the Congo, explains the impact of COVID-19 on people in the DRC, especially in Kinshasa, the capital.


Humanity & Inclusion's teams continue to monitor people we support via phone and video, and provide core, stay healthy messages. We are also distributing hygiene kits to people with disabilities and providing psychosocial support to those who need it most. In this video, Lucile Papon, Humanity & Inclusion's Head of Programs in the Middle East, explains the situation in Amman, Jordan and the impact the virus is having on our operations.


Our team is taking special measures in Madagascar in response to the health emergency. As part of two projects organized with CARE International and funded by the European Union, local relief teams are being trained to convey core prevention messages on the disease and to limit its spread. The teams are staffed by volunteers, including people with disabilities. Read more about our response in Madagascar.


In Nepal, where confinement is in force, Humanity & Inclusion is working on making prevention messages accessible for people with disabilities, and planning on offering hygiene kits. We will also work on answering questions about food shortages since supply chains are sometimes broken—making it even more difficult for the most vulnerable. In this video, Shrinkhala Khatiwada, Miss Nepal World 2018, urges everyone to ensure inclusion and accessibility while fighting Covid-19.

In 2021, Nepal continues to battle a second wave of infections that is overwhelming hospitals and resources. Read more about our response in Nepal.


Covid-19 makes the situation even more difficult for people with disabilities. One example is shared by Angelina Robinson, Humanity & Inclusion's Director in Pakistan. In this video, she tells the story of an HI program participant who could not take her sick child to the hospital due to her disability and the ongoing pandemic.


In Rwanda, the tension linked to the epidemic have added to the emotional commemorations (April 7) of the 1994 genocide. Humanity & Inclusion, whose continuing activities concern refugee camps, is planning to intervene on inclusive education and psychosocial support. 


In Somalia, where oral culture dominates, Humanity & Inclusion's team is leaning on our database of several thousand people we've worked with to send prevention messages and offer psychosocial support. 


In Togo, our teams produce soap and bleach to respond to hygiene issues related to Covid-19. This story goes into more detail.

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*All funds raised through our page will be designated to our Covid-19 response efforts. However, any funds raised beyond the needs of our Covid-19 response will be used to support other vital programs around the world.