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Humanity & Inclusion in Cuba

Our team has worked in Cuba since 1998, initially supporting prosthesis and orthosis production and community-based rehabilitation (CBR). In time, our attention has shifted to support to civil society and inclusive education, along with emergency response to hurricanes. 

Cuba is particularly prone to hurricanes, which cause regular and severe economic damage to the country and undermine living conditions, especially for people with disabilities who generally have fewer resources. Cuba is the largest Caribbean nation with 11 million people, and according to the latest estimates, 366,864 people in Cuba have disabilities.

During Obama’s presidency, people with disabilities were given free medical care. Now transportation and the lack of modern and/or specialized equipment limit their access to this care.

Our Current Work

In addition to addressing the needs that emerge from natural disaster events, Humanity & Inclusion employs 20 staff members in Cuba who work to: 

Community-Based Rehabilitation

In Cuba, more than 38% of people with disabilities have an intellectual disability due to several factors. 

Humanity & Inclusion runs a community-based rehabilitation project working to implement a pilot project to provide people with intellectual disabilities with specialist care, to improve the prevention, care management, and understanding of intellectual disabilities within communities.

Socio-Economic Inclusion

Humanity & Inclusion defines and strengthens a methodology for accessing employment for people with disabilities. This project also aims to promote the social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities by carrying out three activities:

  1. Building the capacities of existing professional training structures 
  2. Creating new occupational training links
  3. Improving access to existing and sustainable local employment opportunities

Humanity & Inclusion also works to support local disability rights organizations.

Inclusive Disaster Risk Management

Humanity & Inclusion works to strengthen the disaster risk reduction capacities of national prevention, mitigation and response organisms for continuous learning and collaboration, and conduct advocacy work with regional DRR bodies.


In emergencies, Humanity & Inclusion does the following:

  1. Assist persons with disabilities and senior citizens who have lost their assistive devices
  2. Trains construction brigades on accessibility
  3. Support partners in more accessible WASH

Our Past Work

Humanity & Inclusion has been working in Cuba for 22 years, fostering a culture of dignity, access, and inclusion for ALL people with disabilities and who are vulnerable. Over time, we have evolved our work to meet the dynamic needs of the communities where we serve. 

Read on to learn more about our past work in Cuba, and consider investing in our future.

Disaster Risk Management

Humanity & Inclusion improved protection for vulnerable populations in the event of natural disasters in the cities of Santiago, Guantanamo, and Baracoa.

Our disaster risk management team in Cuba:

  • Raised resident awareness of procedures to follow in the event of earthquakes 
  • Trained emergency response personnel
  • Supported the authorities and technical institutions in managing earthquake risks



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