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Ebola outbreak

Beginning in 2014, west Africa was the scene of largest Ebola outbreak in history, with some 29,000 cases and 11,300 deaths reported. Many more cases were suspected. Sierra Leone was one of the countries most severely affected, with an estimated 13,000 cases.

In response, Humanity and Inclusion deployed a team of 250 ambulance and decontamination staff in Sierra Leone, who transported more than 3,700 patients showing symptoms of Ebola to treatment centers and disinfected nearly 1,800 homes. Operating in the country’s Western district, which includes the capital of Freetown, the project managed a fleet of 30 ambulances and 15 decontamination vehicles.

On November 7th, 2016 Sierra Leone was declared Ebola free.

Since the end of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, HI shifted its attention to rehabilitation and support for Ebola survivors and other people with disabilities.