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Middle East Earthquake

HI teams supporting the injured

Catastrophic earthquakes on February 6, claimed at least 50,000 innocent lives, injuring more than 90,000 others. The tremors ruined apartment buildings, homes, roads and hospitals, bringing more instability to a region already enduring crisis. In the following weeks, powerful aftershocks rocked the same region.

With more than 330 staff in the region, Humanity & Inclusion has launched an emergency response. We are seeing high numbers of people with complex injuries—including amputations—in need of emergency care, rehabilitation, and psychological support.

At the heart of HI's response, are people with disabilities, aging individuals and their families. Teams are organizing distributions of mobility aids—such as wheelchairs, canes or walkers—and working with other NGOs to ensure that they enact inclusive responses.

"The hospital is crowded with patients of all ages. They are all suffering from crush syndrome, amputations, broken bones, damaged muscles and tissues, and other injuries caused by falling walls. All the patients we have treated will need long-term rehabilitation and some of them will require artificial limbs." —Amir, doctor at HI partner hospital in Syria

HI teams are providing physical and functional rehabilitation services to people injured by the earthquake so that they can regain mobility and avoid the development of long-term consequences. We are also deploying mental health services to provide psychological first aid to those affected by the disaster.

Read the latest updates from HI's emergency response.

The following news outlets and organizations include Humanity & Inclusion on their lists of vetted organizations responding to this disaster: Better Business Bureau, Brandeis UniversityCIDI/USAID, Council on FoundationsCNN, Fox 5 New York, Global CitizenThe Hill, HITCIndieWire, JUICEMashable, Network of Engaged International Donors, ParadePBS NewsHour, Schwab Charitable/Center for Disaster PhilanthropyThe Seattle Times, Teen Vogue, The Transylvania TimesUSA TodayWRAL News, and Yale University. Humanity & Inclusion has a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.

Any funds raised beyond the needs of our regional earthquake emergency response will be used to support other vital programs around the world.

Thanks so much to our generous donors for supporting these actions!