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Areas of action

Humanity & Inclusion supports people with disabilities in around 60 countries affected by conflict, disaster and poverty.

Humanity & Inclusion’s emergency response teams take action on the ground to assist people with disabilities, individuals who are injured or displaced, and others with the greatest needs.

Humanity & Inclusion is the world's most comprehensive mine action organization, working to prevent accidents, clear unexploded weapons, and support the victims.

For people injured as a result of war or natural disasters, who were born with disabilities such as club foot, or who are affected by diseases like polio, physical rehabilitation is the first step toward regaining independence.

Whether improving access to local health services, working to prevent the causes of disability, or providing psychological support to the survivors of violence, all Humanity & Inclusion's actions serve one purpose: to ensure that everyone, including people with disabilities, has equal access to information, health services and care.

Humanity & Inclusion works alongside people with disabilities, their families, their communities and a range of local organizations toward a truly inclusive world where people with disabilities have equal opportunities and rights.

To access healthcare, to attend school, to work, to express oneself, to play sports, to have leisure activities ... In order for these fundamental rights to be the rights of all, including people with disabilities, Humanity & Inclusion takes action worldwide to promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.


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