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Humanity & Inclusion strives to improve the inclusion and socio-economic integration of people with disabilities and individuals experiencing situations of vulnerability in Algeria. We support capacity building and advocacy of civil society and advance new themes such as inclusive education, social insertion and inclusive local development.

Two young boys smile in a classroom with other children and where the walls are covered in posters.

Inclusive education classroom in the Sahraouis refugee camp. | © L. Thisy / HI

Our actions

Humanity & Inclusion works with Saharaoui health partners to improve the rehabilitation care provided to people with disabilities in refugee camps. We train nurses and other health professionals, help identify people with disabilities, and ensure that they have access to high-quality services.

HI works with children with disabilities to improve their care in adapted schools and within the mainstream school system. This includes training teachers in inclusive teaching methods and raising awareness among parents about the importance of education.

In 2018, HI launched two projects aimed at improving rural livelihoods. This involves training and assisting small farmers and artisans to join professional networks and grow profits.

Areas of intervention

Latest stories

African States against the use of explosive weapons in populated areas
© HI
Explosive weapons

African States against the use of explosive weapons in populated areas

From 27th to 28th November, Handicap International (HI) is organizing a regional conference on the bombing of civilians. The Conference will take place in Maputo, Mozambique and aims to bring together some 20 States, 10 African civil society organizations and international NGOs. The goal is to raise awareness of this vital challenge among African countries and to encourage them to take action on the world stage to protect civilians from the devastating impact of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.


Map of Humanity & Inclusion projects in Algeria

The situation and the perception of people with disabilities are evolving in Algeria, but their integration in society remains insufficient.

Algeria has made significant progress, particularly in the area of social protection. The country has set up an insurance system similar to European models. However, this system remains fragmented with significant disparities between the populations and the services covered.

Legislation to protect people with disabilities is relatively advanced, but the application of these regulations on the ground remains to be consolidated. The country ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2009.

Number of HI staff: 25

Date the program launched: 1998

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