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In Jordan, HI provides rehabilitation services to people with disabilities. HI also promotes inclusive employment and access to education for all, including children with disabilities.

A young girl sits on a bench as two adults tend to her.

An HI physiotherapist examines Qasem, a 10-year-old Syrian girl with dwarfism. | © Dan Giannopoulos / Handicap International

Our actions

Since 2012, Humanity & Inclusion has been working alongside Syrian refugees, people with disabilities and individuals living in situations of vulnerability in Jordan. The organization provides physical therapy and orthopedic equipment and services to people with disabilities or people with injuries in partner hospitals. The association trains Jordan health professionals in order to provide quality services: rehabilitation care, artificial limbs and braces, mobility aids (crutches, wheelchairs, etc.), psychosocial support and assistance in accessing other forms of humanitarian aid. HI also focus on early detection and early intervention of disabilities among children in order to mitigate the risks of complications.

Meanwhile, the association and local partners provide better access to education for all and job opportunities for youth with disabilities. HI also conducts inclusive education activities for young students in Jordan.

Areas of intervention

Latest stories

Gina: “I can walk on my own again and without pain.”
© HI

Gina: “I can walk on my own again and without pain.”

Gina,13, lives in Jordan. With the help of Humanity & Inclusion, she has received surgery and rehabilitation treatment for a hip deformity. Today, she can walk without difficulty and is back at school.

Ahmad lost his job after his injury. HI helped him start his own business
© D.Ginsberg / HI
Inclusion Rehabilitation

Ahmad lost his job after his injury. HI helped him start his own business

After being injured in the Syrian crisis, Ahmad could no longer work as a manufacturing tailor. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) provided him with the training and resources to build a successful business from home.

HI helps Jawad develop new skills
© D. Ginsberg / HI

HI helps Jawad develop new skills

5-year-old Jawad has difficulty communicating and learning new skills. Humanity & Inclusion is helping him overcome these challenges with learning-based home visits.


Map of HI intervention in Jordan

Jordan is one of the most stable countries in the region. Although it has an average human development index, there are still significant inequalities among the population and an important increase of the unemployment rate.

More than 672,000 Syrian refugees are living in Jordan. In 2018, a survey conducted in Jordan by HI and IMMAP showed that 22.9% of Syrian refugees—more than 140,000 individuals—have disabilities.

People with disabilities experience discrimination and vulnerability, particularly those living in rural and remote areas. Most children with disabilities, between 85% and 95%, are excluded from the general education system.

Number of HI staff members: 65

Program launch date: 2006

Where we work

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