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Humanity & Inclusion launches emergency response in Gaza to provide vital assistance to vulnerable and people

Press Release | 18th May 2021, 12:00

Since 11th May 2021, nearly 200 people have been killed, including over 50 children and 35 women. International disability charity, Humanity & Inclusion (HI), is providing urgent assistance to vulnerable people, including people with disabilities in Gaza.

As the death toll climbs in Gaza, so does the number of wounded. More than 1,200 injured civilians are quickly filling local hospitals requiring urgent care, and will soon be discharged still in need of rehabilitation and psychological support.

HI rehabilitation specialists are ready to intervene to support injured people and prevent injuries becoming permanent disabilities. HI teams will provide wound care and mobility aids such as crutches, wheelchairs and walkers. 

Damage to the local infrastructure has left Gaza’s population of over 2 million people with limited access to food, water or basic hygiene supplies. Thousands of civilians have been forced to evacuate their homes and seek shelter, primarily in schools. HI teams are preparing to distribute hygiene kits and food vouchers.  


“Older people, children and people with disabilities are encountering great difficulty when they must evacuate, register at a shelter or access food and water. HI teams are taking action to assist such vulnerable people with their evacuation and then bringing them to shelters”

says HI’s Country Director for Gaza, Laurent Palustran.

HI UK’s Chief Executive, George Graham, says,

“We know from our programs in Gaza and across the Middle East that the damage done by airstrikes reverberates for decades. Gaza has seen repeated cycles of bombing. We’re still working alongside people who have disabilities caused by airstrikes in 2018. The resurgence of violence means we’re seeing a really worrying new spike of seriously injured people and, with resources diminishing and the blockade in its 14th year, we’re really concerned about what the future holds for these people.”


Interviews upon request with Humanity & Inclusion’s experts:

  • Laurant Palustran, HI’s Country Director for Gaza
  • George Graham, HI UK’s Chief Executive

Humanity & Inclusion has launched an Emergency Appeal to support injured and people in Gaza.

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