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Make a lasting difference by recommending a grant from your donor-advised fund

Two Nepali girls sit together on the grass. They are laughing. Each wears and artificial leg.

Nirmala and Khendo each had a leg amputated after being injured when an earthquake hit Nepal in 2015. They've become great friends on their recovery journey. Each received rehabilitation support and an artificial limb from HI. | © Prasiit Sthapit / HI

Make a lasting difference by recommending a grant from your donor-advised fund

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a philanthropic giving tool that allows you to contribute cash and other assets into an investment account that grows tax-free. You'll receive an immediate tax deduction for your contributions and can recommend grants to be distributed by your DAF's sponsoring organization over time to your charity of choice, like Humanity & Inclusion. By utilizing a donor-advised fund, you can benefit from tax incentives while creating a lasting legacy through strategic giving.

Find your DAF

How does it work?

Ask your DAF sponsoring organization to send your gift to Humanity & Inclusion by mail

Please make checks payable to Humanity & Inclusion. Note: Our legal name remains Handicap International (dba Humanity & Inclusion).  

Humanity & Inclusion
8757 Georgia Ave
Suite 420
Silver Spring, MD 20901
EIN/tax ID number: 55-0914744

Please provide your name and/or fund name and address so we can thank you for your generous gift.

Establish a recurring monthly or quarterly gift

Magnify your generosity through regular gifts. If you're already a regular donor, you can set up your gifts to come from your DAF instead of your checking account or credit card.

Name Humanity & Inclusion as a beneficiary of your fund

Establish a succession plan for the remainder amount in your DAF, sharing your philanthropic values with your loved ones, and ensuring your leadership gift can benefit generations to come. You can directly identify a charity like Humanity & Inclusion as a remainder beneficiary on your DAF, rather than using another estate-planning tool like your will.

Let us know!

Sometimes, DAF gifts arrive without information identifying the generous donor.

We always honor the requests of our donors, but if you perhaps set a gift to be anonymous in error, and haven't heard from us (we love to say Thanks!), then please let us know so we can shower you with some appreciation.   

Please reach out at any time! Simply contact Mica Bevington, U.S. Director of Communications and Development, at (240)450-3531 or [email protected].

Your personal financial situation is unique, so we encourage you to talk to your financial or legal advisor before making a gift of bequest or creating a legacy through planned giving.

Have questions? Contact us.

Mica Bevington
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (240) 450-3531
Mobile: +1 (202) 290-9264


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Leave a legacy
© Eric Martin / Figaro Magazine / HI

Leave a legacy

Leaving your positive mark on the world 

Donor privacy policy
© Lucas Veuve / HI

Donor privacy policy

Without our generous supporters, Humanity & Inclusion's life-changing work would simply not be possible. We want you to give with confidence.

Worldwide impact
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Worldwide impact

Humanity & Inclusion's global impact by the numbers.


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