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Give in Your Will

After taking care of loved ones, why not consider leaving a legacy gift to support Humanity & Inclusion's life-changing work?

A black woman wearing a black and white checkered shirt and head wrap rests her hand on her husband's shoulder. He's wearing a blue collared shirt. They are both smiling.

Edward, 65, receives rehabilitation care from HI's staff in Uganda. Here, with his wife. | © Quinn Neely / HI

Leaving your positive mark on the world

Legacies in the form of planned giving ensure that your generosity reaches generations to come, while you and your family enjoy the benefits of smart financial planning. Such a gift could be your most powerful and lasting legacy, stretching your generosity to people with disabilities the moment help is needed. If you choose to leave a planned gift to Humanity & Inclusion, we would be honored to recognize your extraordinary commitment as a member of our Legacy Society.

Why should I consider leaving a planned gift to HI?

Since 1982, when HI was founded to support Cambodian landmine victims, our organization has evolved to respond to a wide range of challenges faced by people with disabilities and other individuals living in areas affected by conflicts, natural disasters and poverty.

Today, our teams work tirelessly in 60 countries to implement 452 projects, reaching millions of people every year.

We are committed to leaving a lasting legacy for future generations worldwide—something that we wouldn’t be able to do without people like you.

A legacy gift in your will could help us continue our long-term commitment to people with disabilities and others who might otherwise be isolated and forgotten, ensuring that our teams are always by their side when they need help the most.

After taking care of loved ones, please consider remembering Humanity & Inclusion in your willtogether we can continue to transform lives all over the world for generations to come.

Your personal financial situation is unique, so we encourage you to talk to your financial or legal advisor before making a gift of bequest or creating a legacy through planned giving.

Elizabeth Johnson Sellers Elizabeth Johnson Sellers Elizabeth Johnson Sellers Elizabeth Johnson Sellers

Get in touch

To speak to us in confidence about Legacy giving, please contact Elizabeth by emailing e[email protected] or calling +1 (240) 450-3538. Thank you.

Elizabeth Johnson Sellers
U.S. Director of Communications & Development, Humanity & Inclusion

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