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“Atlas Logistics responds very promptly to our requests”


Olga Komar, logistics specialist at Rights to Protection, explains how Atlas Logistics helps the organization thanks to the support of the European Humanitarian Response Capacity.

Truck loading dock at a warehouse

Atlas Logistics warehouse in Kharkiv, | © HI

The European Humanitarian Response Capacity (EHRC), is the European Union’s new set of operational tools designed to fill gaps in the humanitarian response to sudden-onset natural hazards and human-induced disasters.

In Ukraine, massive shellings of critical and residential infrastructure led to people being left without housing and livelihoods, electricity, water and heating. At least 17.6 million people need humanitarian assistance. Since the beginning of the conflict, Atlas Logistics helps deliver the necessary humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable people at the right time and the right place. This mobilization is possible thanks to the support of the European Union.

200 heaters storaged in January

“I’m Olga Komar and I work as a logistics specialist for Rights to Protection in Kharkiv. We are covering all categories of populations that are the most affected by the war, including internally displaced persons, people with disabilities and the most vulnerable families. When they have been evacuated in an emergency, during shelling, they were unable to take even the most basic things with them. Many people are currently accommodated in Kharkiv boarding houses. In this context, our organization delivers generators, as well as food supply packages and hygiene kits. We are trying to cover as many needs of different population groups as possible.

In January, we used the warehouse in Kharkiv for the storage of 200 heaters (in accordance with the project supported by the European Humanitarian Response Capacity (EHRC). Now we are transporting them to the relevant locations and providing them to people. We plan to also store supply food packages, furniture and equipment in the future.  

We are very pleased to be their partner. The team responds very promptly to our requests. There are no delays or problems. We are absolutely satisfied with our partnership with Atlas Logistics."

Date published: 03/08/23


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