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Abdel, victim of a landmine: “Thanks to my prosthesis, my life has changed!”

Explosive weapons Rehabilitation

Abdel was 16 years old when he lost his leg in a landmine explosion. HI has helped him rebuild his life.

Teenage boy with amputated leg sitting in a chair. Prosthetic technician kneels in front of the boy, holding a prosthetic leg

Abdel with an HI physiotherapist for the follow-up of his prosthesis | © HI

Abdel’s accident

Abdel and his friend were working in a field on a farm when his friend stepped on a landmine. Unaware of the risks posed by mines (especially the fact that they are often laid in groups), Abdel ran to his friend's aid. But he then also stepped on a mine. His leg was torn off in the explosion. Abdel was taken to the hospital in Sanaa where his right leg was amputated.

Precious aid

The HI rehabilitation team initially provided Abdel with a pair of crutches to help him get around. He then had sessions to prepare him for his prosthesis. Once it had been fitted, he had rehabilitation sessions to learn to walk with it. As he lived a long way from the rehabilitation center, HI provided transport and accommodation to facilitate his treatment and recovery. Abdel has also received financial assistance to help him meet his needs.

Abdel regained his independence

With HI's support, Abdel is back on track. He has regained his independence and his self-confidence.

“My prosthesis has changed my life,” Abdel tells us, happily. “I can walk and tend to my land and my crops. People who don't know I had an accident don't even notice that I am wearing a prosthesis.”

Rehabilitation in Yemen

HI is working in 15 rehabilitation centers and hospitals in Yemen. During the truce between the parties to the conflict, which lasted from April 2nd to October 2nd, the number of patients was halved. Before the truce, almost a quarter of HI beneficiaries were war-wounded, compared to 14% during the truce.

Date published: 10/19/22


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