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After missile attack, Amina walks again

Emergency Rehabilitation

Amina, 7, was seriously injured in a missile attack during heavy fighting in Afghanistan in July 2021. She’s learned to walk again, with rehabilitation care and an artificial limb from Humanity & Inclusion.

A young Afghan girl wearing a partial head covering and prosthetic leg smiles seated next to her father, a man wearing a black shawl with a black beard.

Amina wearing her prosthetic leg smiles with her father. | © T. Mayer

Amina was walking to school with her parents and sisters when the missiles struck. Her mother and two of her sisters were killed in the attack.

Her father was also injured, causing paralysis of his right arm. He lost his job. To survive, he now sells chewing gum and cookies from a cart outside his house and is supported by relatives and neighbors. (Amina and her father are pictured above.)

Amina is close with her father, who is now a single parent after his wife’s untimely death. He promises to be there for his daughter, to play with her and to help her overcome the trauma of losing her mother and sisters.

Learning to walk again

Amina’s right leg was so severely injured that she required a surgical amputation. Since January 2022, Humanity & Inclusion’s physical therapy specialists have been teaching her to walk again.

The team measured her leg to make a customized artificial limb, and gave her mobility exercises to do at home. She was also given a walking frame to help her get around on her own until her artificial leg was ready.

After a few weeks, Amina received her artificial limb and began rehabilitation sessions at Humanity & Inclusion’s rehabilitation center in Kandahar to help her adapt to it.

A young Afghan girl balances on one leg while a man in a white lab coat adjusts the artificial limb on her other leg

When she started her rehabilitation, Amina was sad and frustrated. She found it challenging to walk with her artificial limb without the help of a walking frame. But the many exercises paid off, and today she can walk on her own.

Amina’s most recent visit to the rehabilitation center was in March for a consultation and some minor repairs to her artificial limb. She will continue to visit the center regularly to replace and repair her artificial leg.

Humanity & Inclusion’s physical rehabilitation center in Kandahar is the only facility in the area where people with disabilities are provided with services free of charge.

HI's rehabilitation center

Located in Kandahar, Humanity & Inclusion's rehabilitation center treats people with conflict-related injuries, often caused by explosive devices. Survivors of serious accidents, patients with diabetes-related amputations and people with polio are also among those receive physical therapy services. The center is staffed by 52 professionals specializing in physical therapy or psychosocial support work. It is the only rehabilitation center in southern Afghanistan.

Date published: 07/06/22


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