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An itinerant teacher supporting Abisola

Sierra Leone

Abisola, 15, lives in Hamdalai. She has a physical disability which makes attending school difficult. With HI's inclusive education efforts, Abisola gained the confidence to return to school.

Teenage girl looking to front of classroom. Seated at a desk next to a itinerant teacher that is looking down and pointing to her notebook. In the background are other schoolchildren seated at desks in rows.

HI's itinerant teacher supporting Abisola in the classroom amongst her peers. | © Daramy/HI

Abisola comes back to school

Abisola is 15 years old. She lives in Hamdalai with her father and two siblings. Abisola has a physical disability due to a condition called kyphosis, which is a deformation of the spine that affects her upper body. The distance between Abisola’s house and her school is 3 miles, which is a big challenge as Abisola has to travel by foot. Although she is able to walk, it is not as easy for her.

In addition the commute, in class it was hard for Abisola to keep up with her peers. She started to feel discouraged and began to miss school regularly. Out of frustration, she was on the brink of dropping-out.

HI's itinerant teacher

HI's itinerant teacher - a teacher who goes from class to class supporting teachers and families in including children with disabilities – met Abisola to help improve her reading skills and build her confidence. This led to some adaptation: in her class, for example, the teacher lets Abisola read aloud and appointed her class prefect as a way of building her confidence.

Abisola enjoys spending time with her friends. She tells them stories and plays outdoor games with them such as balance-ball.

  “I hope to complete my education and become a nurse in the future,” she says.

It is a dream Abisola nurtures from the care she receives at the clinic she attends for checkups.

Date published: 11/18/21


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