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Bombing in Dnipro: the European Union and Atlas Logistics help the victims


On January 14th 2023, a missile strike hit a high-rise building in Dnipro in eastern Ukraine. 46 people died, including six children, and 81 persons were injured.

Man wearing a tan vest distributes thermal covers to another man wearing a blue coat above a white table and two men in background

Danish Refugee Council teams distributing thermal covers to Dnipro’s affected population | © DRC

Some patients are still hospitalized. The European Humanitarian Response Capacity (EHRC) operated by Atlas Logistics immediately mobilized their team to help humanitarian actors such as the Ukraine-Dutch Charitable Foundation, SMART Medical Aid and the Danish Refugee Council to rapidly respond to the emergency.

Helping humanitarian organizations deliver life-saving medical aid in Dnipro’s health centers

In the immediate aftermath of this tragic attack, the EU and Atlas Logistics mobilized its team to rapidly respond to the needs of their partners to deliver life-saving aid to victims. Among others, the Ukraine-Dutch Charitable Foundation SMART Medical Aid, which has been using the EU’s and Atlas Logistic’s common logistics services for six months, provided emergency support to the Regional Medical Center of Family Healthcare. This facility admitted heavily wounded people after the missile strike, including many injured children. Thanks to the reactivity of the EU and Atlas Logistic’s hub, SMART Medical Aid was able to deliver emergency health equipment to the medical facility, such as an anesthesia station for the pediatric intensive care unit, breathing circuits and specialized heaters for liquids and blood. This equipment was used to save the lives of intensive care unit patients.

"I'd like to give special thanks to the European Union and Atlas Logistic team for the prompt response to our request. Usually warehouse delivery takes three days from the moment a request is made. But in a situation where urgent assistance was required, our partner accelerated all internal procedures. We've been cooperating with the EU and Atlas Logistics for half a year now. We've provided all the necessary equipment to eight perinatal centers in Ukraine with the help of this logistics system," says Iryna Rybinkina, founder of the Ukraine-Dutch Charitable Foundation SMART Medical Aid.

People have lost everything: from their homes to the most basic items

Dnipro’s local authorities received over 400 statements of loss or damage to accommodations. People are left on the street in the middle of winter. Windows are shattered in many nearby apartments.Many other operational partners have been supported by the EU and Atlas Logistics such as the World Health Organization (WHO), through withdrawal of emergency medicine stocks, or the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), through shipment of thermal covers and hygienic kits. Over the next weeks, these organizations, thanks to our logistical hubs, will continue providing humanitarian assistance to the affected families in Ukraine.

Date published: 02/23/23


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