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Haitian earthquake victim Moïse is back on the football pitch

Emergency Rehabilitation

Moïse, who is 14 years old, lost his leg in 2010 when Haiti was struck by a powerful earthquake. With support from Humanity & Inclusion (HI), he has now been fitted with a prosthesis. He meets the HI team regularly to ensure regular adjustments can be made as he grows.

Moïse, amputated after the quake in Haiti, can now play football

Moïse, survivor of the earthquake in 2010, loves to play football with his friends and family | © Davide Preti/HI

Moïse was 4 years old when he was buried beneath rubble by the powerful earthquake that struck Haiti on 12th January 2010. His left leg was amputated a week later. Without crutches, he was only able to move around by crawling. After meeting Humanity & Inclusion’s (HI) teams, Moïse was fitted with a prosthesis and started to attend rehabilitation sessions to improve his mobility and indepedence.

Moïse will turn 15 years old in March 2021. He lives with his parents and younger brother. He stays in contact with HI’s teams and still benefits from rehabilitation support, including his new prosthesis which is regularly adjusted, and medical care in case he needs revision surgery. Moïse is a lively boy who loves to play football. At school, as well as learning he gets involved in lots of extra-curricular activities, such as basketry and classical dance!

Date published: 01/12/21


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