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Gaza: HI identifies immediate needs for intervention

Occupied Palestinian Territories

The number of civilian casualties and injuries is increasing in Gaza, with nearly a hundred deaths and over 480 injured. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is identifying the most pressing needs.

HI’s team provides assistance to an injured person in Gaza 2018

HI’s team provides assistance to an injured person in Gaza 2018 | © Hardy Skills / HI – Archives

HI teams present on the ground confirm that, three days into the escalation of violence in Gaza, the situation remains critical as constant bombings can be heard throughout the day.

Laurent Palustran, HI’s country manager explains,

“To prepare for effective intervention, we have begun to assess the most urgent needs of the affected civilians, most notably children and people with disabilities.”

The area has seen damage to over 2,000 housing units and the total destruction of over 500 homes, making evacuation and re-housing a priority for the most vulnerable people. Amongst those affected include members of HI staff who were urgently evacuated yesterday to a safer area following ongoing explosions surrounding their residence. In response, some UNRWA schools have opened their doors to temporarily house those in need, but the demand for safe shelter remains high.

Other pressing concerns identified in these first days are access to food and basic hygiene, as damage to infrastructure worsens and the blockade continues. HI is equipped along with partner organizations to distribute food vouchers and hygiene kits as a first response, then preparing to soon begin distribution of mobility aids such as crutches and wheelchairs.

More information to follow.

Date published: 05/14/21


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