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In Haiti, HI is helping Jérôme to regain his self-confidence

Emergency Rehabilitation

Jerome was severely affected by the earthquake in August 2021 and then by a stroke. Humanity & Inclusion is providing him with physical rehabilitation and psychosocial support to help him overcome these challenges.

Jérôme doing his rehabilitation exercises at home, helped by members of HI’s mobile teams.

Jérôme doing his rehabilitation exercises at home, helped by members of HI’s mobile teams. | © Jean Marie Jakomina / HI

Jérôme is 55 years old. On 14 August 2021, an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 struck southern Haiti, affecting his home town of Camp-Perrin. His house and all his belongings were destroyed. A year later, he is still living in a makeshift shelter of tarpaulins and metal sheeting, only accessible on foot via a muddy dirt road.

Jérôme regains mobility after a stroke

Jerome used to be a farmer. He can no longer work because of his health issues; he is HIV positive and recently had a stroke that left him partially paralyzed. He now has great difficulty moving some of his limbs. Along with his mobility, he lost his independence.

Jerome's stroke could have caused a permanent disability. Fortunately, he was rapidly supported by Humanity & Inclusion (HI). As he can’t get around, HI’s mobile teams come to his home to provide him with physical rehabilitation sessions. HI specialists also give him advice and exercises to do between sessions.

With HI's support, Jerome has made significant progress. He has recovered some mobility in his lower body. He can get up and stand on his own, and is already taking a few steps. Jérôme also hopes to recover the mobility in his upper limbs as quickly as possible so he can return to work. He wants to be independent again and not have to depend on other people. 

Regaining his self-confidence

Jérôme has two children, but none of his family is supporting him in his current situation, he tells us, and he feels a bit lonely. The mobile teams deployed by HI also offer mental health and psychosocial support services. So, as well as rehabilitation sessions, our specialists are providing Jérôme with psychological support to help him regain his self-confidence.

They will continue to visit Jérôme over the coming months until he has recovered both his mobility and his self-esteem.

Date published: 06/29/22


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