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Nepal: rehabilitation services maintained during the epidemic

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Nepal has not escaped the Covid-19 epidemic. As it is vital not to disrupt the care process, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) has continued to provide rehabilitation care to people who need it, in accordance with strict hygiene measures.

Rehabilitation session with HI during Covid-19 epidemic in Nepal

Rehabilitation session with HI during Covid-19 epidemic in Nepal | © HI

More than 13,500 people have been infected with Covid-19 in Nepal and the epidemic shows no signs of slowing down. Humanity & Inclusion (HI) continues to provide rehabilitation care to people who need it, including in seven rehabilitation centers in some of the areas worst hit by the 2015 earthquake.

Hulsha, an HI physical therapist, has provided rehabilitation care throughout the epidemic. She also writes a blog in Nepali to help people stay in shape during the lockdown and gives advice regularly on the radio.

Two years ago, 30-year-old Akshya was injured in a car accident and required surgery. Since then, he has attended regular rehabilitation sessions with HI’s physical therapist, Rajina.

"Even during the lockdown, we ran rehabilitation sessions, with hygiene measures in place, and gave advice over the phone and internet (Whatsapp). I was also glad to continue working during the epidemic,”

explains Rajina.

Date published: 07/08/20


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