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Prabin receives his new prosthesis

Inclusion Rehabilitation

Prabin, 6, lives in southeastern Nepal with his parents. Born without the lower part of his right leg, his prosthesis has changed his life. But he’s growing fast and it’s time for it to be replaced!

Prosthetist and Orthotist fitting a smiling young boy with a new prosthetic leg

Ambika, prosthetist and orthotist, is fitting Prabin with a new prosthetic leg. | © A.Thapa / HI

“Prabin was the youngest child we’ve ever supported at the center”

A young boy with a prosthetic leg and his P&O specialist doing a high five after the new prosthesis was fitted. Woman sitting behind them, smilingAfter months spent worrying about their son’s future, Prabin’s family finally found hope when a social worker referred them to HI’s partner Community Based Rehabilitation Center in Biratnagar. There they met Ambika Sharma, a prosthetist and orthotist, and they formed a life-long friendship.

Ambika recalls meeting the family for the first time.

“Prabin was only one year old when I met him for the first time. He was the youngest child we’ve ever supported at the centre.”

It was difficult to make a leg for such a small child. But Ambika persevered until she had fitted Prabin with his first prosthesis.

“Just as they outgrow shirts, pants and shoes, they will outgrow their prosthesis”

Young boy trying out his new leg prosthetic, being led by a P&O specialist in an outdoor balcony hallwayToday, Prabin is 6 years old and he has come to the centrer to receive a brand new prosthesis, his 4th device. His old one has been adjusted several times but is now too small.

He’s also come back to see his friend Ambika. Over the years they have become very close.

“Growth is an important aspect of working with children” Ambika explains. “As their bodies change, their prosthesis has to be adapted or changed in the similar manner to accommodate them. Just as they outgrow shirts, pants and shoes, they will outgrow their prosthesis.”

Prabin can’t wait to try out his new leg but when Ambika puts it on for the first time, it’s slightly too big. She has to adjust it several times until it’s perfect.

Young boy being led down stairs by P&O specialist as he tries out his new prosthetic legWith his new leg fitted, Ambika and Prabin can try it out with his new shoes. They play a game that they’ve played many times before - heel up, heel down, short strides, long strides.

Ambika has to slow him down and make sure no further adjustments are needed. But this one is just right.

It should be good for another year before he’s worn it out with his endless energy!

These activities are made possible by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). 

Date published: 01/19/23


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