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With new artificial limb, Abdulaleem rediscovers his motivation and ambition

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Abdulaleem survived a mine accident in Yemen. Fitted with an artificial limb by Humanity & Inclusion’s team, he is looking forward to the future.

A teenage Yemeni boy sits on a ledge with an artificial leg resting beside him.

Abdulaleem sitting besides his new artificial limb. | © ISNA Agency / HI

Abdulaleem Abd Allah Abo Suraima, 17, lives in southern Yemen with his four brothers and nine sisters. When he was 16, Abdulaleem survived a landmine explosion, but lost his leg. Humanity & Inclusion's rehabilitation services have fitted him with an artificial limb.

Abdulaleem was working on the farm when he heard an explosion in the mountains. He knew that one of his friends was up there with his herd.

"I heard him scream,” recalls Abdulaleem. I ran to his aid and that's when another mine exploded beneath me. I lost consciousness."

Abdulaleem’s brothers and some villagers rushed to help him. They took him to Rada'a hospital, where the doctors managed to stop the bleeding. He was then transferred to a hospital in Sana'a, the country's capital.

"When we arrived, the doctors said they would have to amputate my leg above the knee,” he explains. “My brother refused–he insisted that they amputate below the knee.”

A teenage Yemeni boy wearing an artificial limb catches a ball thrown by an HI rehabilitation specialist

The difficult return home

Abdulaleem spent almost two months in the hospital after his operation. When he was finally able return home, he was faced with a number of new challenges. He had to use crutches to get around and all his routine activities were now more difficult.

"I couldn't go to the farm, to the mosque, anywhere,” he says. “Even drinking water was difficult.”

Losing his leg took its toll on his morale. He lost all motivation and ambition.

"For me, life had lost its meaning,” he continues. “I only wanted one thing–to get a prosthesis so I could walk again!”

A teenage Yemeni boy wearing an artificial limb stands next to a cow

A new leg for a new life

After Humanity & Inclusion’s teams met Abdulaleem, they measured his leg to make an artificial limb. A week later, he was fitted for the prosthetic. He then received rehabilitation treatment to learn to walk with his new leg.

"After a lot of sessions, I could get around with my prosthesis,” he explains with a smile on his face. “I went home and could walk like before! I got my motivation and ambition back.”

Thanks to his new artificial leg, Abdulaleem is looking forward to the future again. He has big plans: he wants to build his own house, to get married and to buy a farm to raise sheep.

"In my village there are many other people with mine injuries,” he adds. “They too are waiting for help. Thank you very much, HI!"

Date published: 11/28/22


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