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Every Step Counts

An update on the amazing impact of the Every Step Counts campaign which is supporting sustainable rehabilitation care in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Nepal.

Nirmala learning to walk again with a prosthesis, Nepal

© Lucas Veuve/HI

In 2016 Humanity & Inclusion launched the Every Step Counts campaign with the aim to raise essential funds to help and injured people walk again by supporting sustainable rehabilitation care in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Nepal.

The campaign reached a total of more than £355,000 thanks to our amazing supporters and UK aid. Many of the donations that we received during the campaign were matched by the UK government, pound for pound, through the UK Aid Match initiative.

Why is rehabilitation so important?

Coping with a life-changing injury is a painstaking process, and every step counts. Physical rehabilitation is the vital first step towards regaining independence, giving people the opportunity to be self-sufficient and lead independent lives.

Rehabilitation has a long-term impact on people’s lives, enabling them to go to school, earn a living, be included in the community and have brighter opportunities for the future. Sadly, in countries such as Nepal and DRC, and injured people struggle to access the care they need and can easily find themselves excluded and forgotten.

Thanks to UK aid and our Every Step Counts campaign we have been able to help children take their first steps.

Supporting children with disabilities in DRC

In Kinshasa, HI is supporting children with disabilities in Makala hospital. There, parents with injured or children can get advice and access to vital services such as rehabilitation.

“Before HI started its activities, we had problems with the perception of the children in the community. Parents were hiding their children with disabilities, but with HI the parents have found a new hope. They are bringing their children to the hospital…

There is one little boy I remember in particular. He was around 3 years old. He came here and he had cerebral palsy. When he came the first time, he could not walk.  After some rehabilitation sessions, he was running!”

Leon Kimvangu, one of HI's physical therapists in DRC.

Watch the video

Discover how we’ve been able to provide vital rehabilitation care to children with disabilities in Kinshasa, DRC.

Stories of children who have received help

Naonie, DRC Naonie, DRC Naonie, DRC Naonie, DRC

© Karel Prinsloo/HI

“Before I got help I could not play with my friends. Now I can play and I can also go alone to school.”

Naonie, 10 received an orthosis from our team in Kinshasa, allowing her to stand and walk again. This simple step has changed her life and given her more independence.

Nishan, Nepal Nishan, Nepal Nishan, Nepal Nishan, Nepal

© Prasiit Sthapit/HI

Nishan, 14, had his left leg amputated after being hit by a truck when he was just five years old. After receiving a prosthesis from HI's team in Nepal, he can walk and dream again. His mother says:

“After Nishan's accident, his friends laughed at him. He was depressed and withdrawn.”

“Since he was fitted with his prosthesis, Nishan is more self-reliant. He talks about his feelings now, and he is very active.”

“He plays a lot with his friends and his sister. And he loves badminton.”

We'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our supporters who donated to the Every Step Counts appeal, and to UK aid for matching donations to the campaign.

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