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Statement | Alleged Use of Cluster Munitions by Ukraine

APRIL 25, 2022

Anne Héry, Humanity & Inclusion's Advocacy Director, provided the following statement regarding Ukraine's alleged use of cluster munitions. 

The New York Times reported the alleged use of cluster munitions by Ukrainians forces in Husarivka, Eastern Ukraine. Cluster munitions were previously used several times by Russian forces in Ukraine since the beginning of the large scale Russian military operations.

"Humanity & Inclusion condemns any use of cluster munitions by any parties to the conflict. Cluster Munitions are banned by the Oslo Treaty since 2008: They are indiscriminate and imprecise weapons. They can impact an area as wide as a soccer field. Their lack of precision poses a particular and unacceptable threat to civilians. Plus, up to 40% of the submunitions do not self-destruct or explode on impact, meaning cluster munitions leave a deadly legacy of explosions waiting to happen. They stay on the ground and can remain active and hazardous for decades."


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