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Syria | HI condemns the bombing of populated areas in Idlib

MAY 16, 2019

As fighting intensifies in north-western Syria, particularly in the city of Idlib and southern Idlib province, Humanity & Inclusion is concerned about the plight of thousands of civilians directly exposed to bombing.

According to the United Nations, between April 29 and May 9, fighting displaced some 180,000 people. The affected 16 schools and 15 health centers, including at least three health centers that were deconflicted (meaning the parties to the conflict were aware of their locations while they attacked them). Humanity & Inclusion strongly condemns the attack on civilian infrastructure, including humanitarian facilities.

“Parties to conflicts must do everything possible to ensure the safety of civilians effectively trapped by fighting," says Anne Hery, Humanity & Inclusion's Director of Advocacy and Institutional Relations. “It is not acceptable for families, women and children to be targeted by bombing.”

As part of its international "Stop Bombing Civilians” campaign, launched in March 2016, Humanity & Inclusion calls on governments to draw up a political declaration to end the use of explosive weapons in populated areas, in order to better protect civilians living in conflict zones and to assist casualties.


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