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We Are Appalled by the Ferocious Escalation of Violence Ongoing in the West Bank

May 22, 2024

The latest raid in Jenin on May 21, in which seven Palestinians were killed, and 19 Palestinians were injured, is one of the deadliest in months and adds to the more than 500 Palestinians killed by the Israeli military and settlers in the occupied West Bank since October 7. In the past months, the episodes of violence against Palestinians living in the West Bank became a trend. Since October 7, cities and towns across the West Bank have faced access restrictions, daily military operations, waves of arrests, punitive demolitions, and increased settler violence, leading to the displacement of civilians and a rise in deaths and injuries. Palestinians are experiencing an alarming escalation to violence, leading to new injuries, disabilities, and mental health challenges stemming from adverse experiences.

Recurrent multi-day military operations have restricted Palestinians’ livelihoods. They have restricted access to markets, transporting, selling, and importing goods, leading to shortages and higher food prices. This situation also hinders humanitarian aid delivery, delaying the timely distribution of food assistance to vulnerable populations and delaying the delivery of HI assistance as persons with disabilities cannot reach the premises where physical rehabilitation sessions happen. The access of our HI staff is also impeded.

Violent acts against civilians and civilian premises must stop, and all movement barriers across the West Bank must be lifted. The safety of civilians and civilian infrastructures must be prioritized.

Available for interviews upon media request: 

  • Federico Dessi, Regional Director – HI Middle East
  • Mara Bernasconi, Policy & Advocacy Advisor – HI Middle East
  • Noor Bimbashi, Advocacy Officer – HI Palestine


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Sr. Media Officer
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