Food crisis: Reaching the most vulnerable

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Across East Africa, hundreds of thousands of people are leaving their homes in search of food and security. With so many people on the move and in need of assistance, Handicap International is concerned that vulnerable people–pregnant women, older people, and people with disabilities–may be forgotten. Handicap International program directors in Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Somaliland explain the situation in each country:

Somaliland & Puntland

“A team has just returned from Hargeisa in Somaliland, which has been badly affected by drought and food shortages," Jeroen Stol, program director of Somaliland and Putland explains. "The families they met there have left their land, crops, and animals behind. Caring for children or relatives with disabilities in this environment is particularly difficult and we will do everything we can to make it a little bit easier.” 

Our Activities:

South Sudan

“It is currently very difficult to reach people most in need," Paul Critchley, program director of South Sudan explains. "Many roads are impassable after the rains and others are simply too dangerous. The people we work with are displaced, malnourished, and traumatized, meaning that their health needs, both physical and mental, are huge.”

Our Activities:

  • Our ‘Flying team’ goes to remote areas to identify people with additional needs. They provide mobility aids such as crutches and wheelchairs, and make sure vulnerable people are included.
  • We train health partners and provide psychosocial support for people with mental health problems. 


“We are dealing with several major problems at once," Fabrice Vandeputte, program director of Ethiopia explains. "The East has been hit by severe drought and the West is receiving thousands of refugees escaping war and famine in South Sudan. Many of the refugees are women and children suffering from malnutrition.”

Our Activities: